Tabacon Adventures was developed to provide youth with the opportunity to gain experience having fun adventuring the outdoors, whilst learning transferable skills such as leadership and social abilities, as well as practical survival skill such as; canoe paddling, survival priorities, fire making, woodworking, campfire cooking, knot tying and much more. Tabacon’s founder, David is a certified Level 3 Canoe Tripper with the Ontario Recreational Canoeing & Kayaking Association (ORCKA) and has successfully completed over 30 canoe trips into the outback of Algonquin Park and southern Ontario. David developed Tabacon with the financial assistance of his company and main sponsor Molded Precision Components (MPC). Tabacon is designed as MPC’s community outreach program and is fully powered by volunteer staff and all donations received are 100% dedicated to operational costs and outfitting campers!

No One Left Behind

We know that proper tripping gear and campsite rentals can be costly, and not everyone is able to afford such luxuries. Because of this, we accept donations of finance and equipment, and are willing to fully fund the camper’s trip to ensure that no one is left behind due to their financial status. If you’re a camper or parent that intends to participate but is unable to afford a trip please contact us today. If you’d like to support a camper by a donation of funds or tripping gear, click here.